Class that parses BBCodes for PHP

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This is the project homepage of the StringParser_BBCode class. With the help of this class it is possible to parse so-called BB-Codes. Often this undertaking is solved by the use of regular expressions. But regular expressions do not provide the means that are necessary to ensure correct nesting.

The class was tested with PHP 4.1.2, 4.3.8, 4.3.9, 5.0.2 und PHP 5.1.2 successfully. Other PHP versions including 4.0.6 (but not 4.0.5 or lower) should also work but I did not yet have the possibility to verify that.

This project is also listed at freshmeat where you can subscribe this project and get informed if new versions appear.


The current version of the class is 0.3.3. It can be downloaded in the download area.


An english documentation of this class is available, as is a PHPDOC dokumentation.

If there are questions, suggestions or cirticism regarding this class I will answer them via electronic mail.


If someone wants to help me with the further developement of this class he may contact me.


I thank everybody who had helped me to improve the class but special thanks go to:

Alternative projects

There are several other projects that also have the goal to parse BBCodes:

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